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Behind the Scenes

The entertainment that our Super Sedans WA Inc. drivers put on for the public and local speedway tracks is awesome, and it isn't without great effort from volunteers behind the scenes with many personal hours put into the whole season with focus of bigger & better shows for the next season. The people involved behind the scenes of the club have many different skills and abilities, are of a variety of ages, have different interests and focuses that all play individual roles within the club that are critical in achieving successful goals and with the amazing skills and enthusiasm comes ideas that require more interested volunteers to join our club to help achieve these goals. With or without interest in Super Sedans, all volunteers are welcome to submit your interest! Whether that be behind the scenes, on the day, or we can pass on your interest to drivers whom need a crew, you might be an apprentice mechanic and looking to get ahead and expose yourself to knowledge you wouldn't otherwise get with your usual training. You might be a high school student who is interested in journalism, writing articles or photography and media and want to expand your resume. You maybe someone who loves to socialize and make new friends. Someone who is looking to get back into the workforce and wants to prove and test your skills and abilities and gain confidence in yourself. No matter the reason why, the SSWA Inc. club is focused on win win situations and recommend submitting your interest via our "Contact Us" Page.

Thank you for your interest!

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