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Occupation / business:

Higgs Organic Blends Owner & Operator


Perth WA


Sweet TB2


Chev KRE


Higgs Organic Blends, RPM, Marri Park tavern & golf course, empire graphics

Super sedan Proudest moment:

Everytime i finish on the podium with my Son, Dustin Higgs

Favorite moments in super sedans:

Every moment from Prep to traveling to and from meets and the racing

Super sedan Embarrassing moment:


Dustin, Hogg, Merv, Jim, Brett

Years with super sedans:

Started when i was 18 years old

How many years involved with speedway:

Started when i was 18 Years old

Favorite WA track:

Manjimup WA

Rituals? Habits? Before during or after racing?

Main focus on the day

If you had a theme song what would it be?

Gary couldnt think of one, so we chose him. "Another one bites the dust" by Queen

News & Information

Last Updated 20.8.21

Gary Higgs Motorsport is a father/son based super sedan racing team from Forrestdale, Western Australia.

Gary Higgs Motorsport are a Super Sedan racing team in Western Australia.

The team utilises the Sweet Chassis brand built by Matty Pascoe in Mutdapilly near Ipswich in Queensland.

The power plants are American based engines which are now programmed by Rory Taylor of Speed Torque race engines in Malaga W.A.

Dusty's Sponsors for 2021 2022 season